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Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death.
SF Bay Area October 24 – November 03, 2019

Talking with Kids About Death & Loss

Hosted by

Morgan West, Audre Mowry, East Bay Agency for Children, Circle of Care

Talking with Kids About Death & Loss

Wednesday, October 30


507 55th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Join Circle of Care staff in a conversation and interactive activities exploring ways to talk with children about death, loss, and grief.

Morgan West and Audre Mowry are the support specialist and Oakland Program Coordinator for East Bay Agency for Children's Circle of Care program, providing Grief Support Groups for families with children who have experienced the death of a parent, significant caregiver or other family member.

Morgan & Audre will be offering exercises and activities that ground the conversations of grief in practical and creative ways for children. We hope that these exercises support caregivers in connecting with children in their grieving process. Morgan and Audre will also discuss developmental milestones and typical behaviors that show up in children's reactions to death and loss. They will be exploring ways to understand how death and loss is experienced at different stages of development and offering helpful ways to address them .


Health/Wellness Lecture/Panel/Conversation Workshop