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San Francisco Bay Area
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The Magic of Ordinary Things

Hosted by Gina Harris

The Magic of Ordinary Things
After they die, does love evaporate? Are the ordinary things still ordinary? I thought I knew. Surprisingly, thrillingly, I was wrong. Take a musical journey with me.

“The Magic of Ordinary Things” is a musical memoir — a theatre piece, a dream, a Sufi Tale with original music.

It tells the story of how I felt losing the world of those I loved, their protection and care. How out of my emptiness, ordinary things took me on a mysterious journey, gave me hope, helped me laugh, and led me home again.

I have performed in jazz clubs in the Bay Area, in Los Angeles with The Groundlings, and on Broadway. This production is the premier of my one-woman show with live music at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco.

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