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The Ultimate End-of-Life Mash-Up: VR and Hospice at Home

Hosted by Dara Kosberg

The Ultimate End-of-Life Mash-Up: VR and Hospice at Home
VITAS demystifies hospice care in a two-room setting. Room 1: Hospice at home setup with VR equipment and music therapy in familiar surroundings. Room 2: Pose your hospice questions to VITAS experts.

Hospice at home is exactly what it promises: your most-familiar place in the world, transformed into a setting that supports your physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.

In a homelike, mock-room setup that takes VITAS about 30 minutes to assemble on any given day for any given patient, you’ll experience a typical, comforting home hospice experience. See firsthand how hospice medical equipment and supplies integrate with the comforts of home, music therapy, pets, family and virtual reality goggles to manage symptoms and ease anxiety through calming, pleasant experiences of the mind and body.

Next door, VITAS experts demystify hospice and palliative care. In a question-answer session, they enlighten participants on how hospice’s in-the-moment focus on comfort and quality of life creates a presence that’s different from traditional medical care. Learn about the end-of-life topics, large and small. Find answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about hospice.


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