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Transforming Suffering Into Compassion with Khenpo Paljor

Transforming Suffering Into Compassion with Khenpo Paljor
Buddhist Lama Khenpo Paljor Gyatso will give instruction in 'tonglen', a simple meditation that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, at any time, to transform suffering into love and compassion.

Khenpo Paljor Gyatso, an esteemed lama from Tibet, will teach a profound Buddhist practice called ‘tonglen’. When approaching illness and transition, we want to lend support. ‘Tonglen’, a simple meditation, can be practiced by those of any belief system.

This powerful method uses the breath to receive and transform suffering into compassion, and enables us to develop warm heartedness and cut through the fear and grief we feel for those who suffer, and ourselves. There will be time for Q & A and Khenpo will lead this profound contemplation.

The event's host, TLC Transitional Life Care, is a Bay Area non-profit offering Buddhist education and support for the end of life.

DVD aides and a support manual, ‘Instructions for the Transitional State’, will be available.

UCSF cancer patients, their families and friends can use the free ticketing code: UCSF.

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