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Turning Grief into Beauty w/ Morning Altars

Hosted by Morning Altars

Turning Grief into Beauty w/ Morning Altars
Nature and art can metabolize our grief. Come learn the 7-step Morning Altars practice and build impermanent earth altars to remember those we've lost and make beauty from our grief.

Grief is another way loving what has been lost and love is another way of grieving what hasn't left us yet. In our modern culture, we have become grief-illiterate and death-phobic, yet in many cultures all around the world, nature, art and ritual have been helping people transform grief into beauty to feed life again.

On November 2nd, we will meet at the Mountain View cemetery in Oakland to make earth altars for of our family and friends who have died on our watch and/or ancestors we want to remember. These altars will carry the story, symbols, and meaning of our loved ones that we carry in our hearts.

During this hands-on workshop, participants will learn a 7-step process which includes foraging, wandering, and creating earth art that inspires a meaningful collaboration with nature. The practice of building Morning Altars also lets us strengthen our relationship to impermanence and learn to let go of our resistance to change.

To learn more about the practice of making earth altars, pick up a copy of "Morning Altars: A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit through Nature, Art and Ritual" on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, the author's website or at your local bookstore.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop