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Unbecoming: The Power of Facing Your Buried Self

Unbecoming: The Power of Facing Your Buried Self
What are you afraid to feel? Buried under that is a part of you. At Unbecoming, we'll use imagination, movement and writing to feel, say and become who we really are. No transformation needed.

What's unique about you may have been considered unbecoming.

At this workshop we'll tap into the rage, grief, guilt, hopelessness and shame we felt when we got the message we could only be loved or appreciated if we were somehow different from who we really are.

What part of yourself are you not listening to? What part talks over the others?

This workshop is for you if you've spent time trying to transform or ignore an aspect of yourself but it just won't go away.

Healers Get Dirty began when writer and performer Denise Dee saw how the focus on healing and transformation was keeping people from embracing who they actually are.

Denise will be there with you at the Unbecoming workshop listening between the lines for what you are not allowing yourself to feel or say and draw it out of you.

You will break the rule of silence or a taboo and leave the workshop knowing what you need to say and do to live fully before you die.

*** Everyone attending will receive a 30 minute follow up session with me.