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Underbelly Earth

Underbelly Earth
An emotional movement inquiry that explores the Art of Slowing Down into the relationship we have with ourselves and our planet. Unearth what is alive, tender, honest and real for you in every moment.

Underbelly Earth is part of the Reimagine Earth Series happening all week long. Underbelly is a conscious dance experience and meditation in motion that synergizes music, movement, presence, and human contact to reveal unique states of connection and authenticity.

Slow down into your body and let it draw you closer to the felt and mirrored relationship we have with our planet during these pivotal times. Voyage beneath the surface of fast culture and dive into a slower sanctuary that invites movement from feeling the emotionally intimate spaces of ourselves, while in an immersive aesthetic of light and sound. Cultivate deeper awareness, listening and attunement as you relate to the current state of your life and this beloved place we call Home.

This experience is not a solution, method or teaching of tools. You do not need to be a dancer. This is an intentional/invitational container for self-discovery, facilitated deep diving, awareness cultivation and spacious inquiry.

Music: Scores ranging from beautiful, live and emotionally evoking to ambient, silent, soulful, and meditative.

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Learn more on the Underbelly Facebook Page and Underbelly Website.

The Evening:

7:00-7:45p: Self-arrival and grounding

7:45-8:30p: Facilitated opening

8:30-9:40p: Open waters (self journeying)

9:40-10:00p: Facilitated closing with live meditative music

**Once we start @7:45p, the container will close and no one else will be admitted. Special requests permitted, please communicate.


~Come on time, we want to open and close the container together.

~Bring your own water/water bottle, optional journal/pen + self-care necessities.

~Wear comfortable clothing to move in and bring layers just in case you feel chilly or spend time on the ground


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Wellness Spirituality