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Workshop: Preserving your Legacy in a Digital World

Hosted by Reimagine, Inc.

Workshop: Preserving your Legacy in a Digital World
How do we preserve our story and how we will be remembered after we die?

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We are increasingly aware of the importance of planning for our end of life while we are healthy.

But what about preserving our story and how we will be remembered after we die?

How can we ensure that our legacy will live on when we can no longer tell our own stories?

Telling our own stories can be therapeutic, and can help us better define who we are, what we want in life, and how we want to impact the people around us. By including the creation of our own legacy in our end of life planning, we not only have the opportunity to shape how we will be remembered, we can share parts of our lives that may otherwise be forgotten.

Join Mandy Benoualid from Keeper Memorials and TalkDeath, and Jill Schock of Death Doula L.A., as they walk you through how to begin recording your life story through thoughtful reflection and discussion.

Bring your smartphone (not mandatory) and your cherished photographs and learn how to securely preserve your legacy with the help of Keeper’s digital memorialization tool.

Prepare to leave feeling nostalgic and energized to continue building your legacy with the moments that matter most.


Advance Care Planning Design+Tech Workshop