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5 Steps to AWAKE

5 Steps to AWAKE

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Deepen awareness with the 5 steps in the AWAKE mindfulness & compassion practice. The acronym AWAKE - Allow, Witness, Attitude, Kindness, Embody - reduces suffering and increases joy.

Guthrie created the AWAKE compassion practice as a mindful guide into dealing with tough emotions.

Especially in today’s world climate, we are left thinking what the future holds, or replaying events of what could have been different. How often are we simply focused on the present moment? It’s challenging. The acronym AWAKE - Allow, Witness, Attitude, Kindness, Embody - is a mindfulness & compassion practice. AWAKE brings greater awareness to the present moment - facing emotions with non-judgment.

Guthrie will lead you through the five steps in the AWAKE event so you can leave with tools to face challenging feelings and emotions. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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