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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Are You Grieving Yet? Selfcare & Expansion in a Wobbly World

Hosted by Wendy Rolon

Are You Grieving Yet? Selfcare & Expansion in a Wobbly World
Please join us for yoga, guided meditation, letter writing and a virtual sound circle, to process our grief together as a community and promote healing during this pivotal time. Yoga beginners welcome

These days we’re all grieving. We grieve the loss of our lives before COVID-19, we grieve for the black lives that have been criminally taken from this world, we grieve systemic racism and the lack of wise, mature leadership from our government. We grieve for loved ones and we grieve for a thoughtlessly ravaged planet earth.

​Taking care of ourselves in this out-of-balance world is essential if we are to carry on, do good work and make the changes we need. In order to bring positive change to this planet and the creatures who inhabit it, we must find our own balance, so that our strength and compassion can be nurtured. There are lots of tools to help this process along- meditation, yoga, journaling, being in nature, singing and knitting are my go-tos. When we drop in to these activities with intention and curiosity, we start to connect with our own inner peace and wisdom, which is the super power that can sustain us through just about anything.

Please join Wendy Rolon, Emma Stern and Serena Malkani from Transforming Grief for a special grief workshop where we’ll explore ways we can take care of ourselves and one another during this pivotal time that holds so much potential for healing and growth.

​We'll come together for yoga, guided meditation, letter writing and a virtual sound circle*, to process our grief together as a community. Yoga beginners welcome.

​Facilitators: Wendy Rolon, End of Life Doula, Emma Stern, Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Serena Malkani, Sound Bath Artist and Aruvedic Practitioner

Date/Time: July 11th, 11:30am-1:30pm

Location: Zoom link coming atcha

*What's a virtual sound circle? This workshop invites you to open your voice within a virtual sound circle. We'll use our voice to release energy and maintain balance.

We will create a collective vibration of powerful frequencies from the comfort of our own home and use sound as a healing gateway to the exploration of consciousness.

For thousands of years, sound has been used around the world for healing and as a gateway to transcendence and the exploration of consciousness. All forms of sound healing methods aim to create an important shift from imbalance to balance inside of our bodies.

Working with sound helps to reduce stress, promote clarity, and induce relaxation.

This is a donation-based event. All proceeds will go to Black Emtional and Mental Health Collective


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