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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Coloring for Self-Care

Hosted by Project Grief

Coloring for Self-Care
Do you feel guilty for taking time to care for yourself? This is an honest chat about what healthy self-care can look like in the life of a griever or caretaker. Coloring/activity pages included!

Guess what, hurting heart? Self-care is NOT selfish.

It's essential to anyone grieving, dying, or providing care right now.

But simply knowing that:

  • doesn't automatically stop us from feeling guilty when we take time for ourselves
  • doesn't keep us from avoiding it through either neglect or self-indulgence
  • doesn't help us find healthy practices to engage in self-care on a daily basis

So let's take this beyond knowledge and take a reflective and practical approach to self-care.

In this workshop, I'll talk about the obstacles we face when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Then I'll share some TRUTH, reflection questions, and creative ideas for how to engage in self-care in a way that is both healthy AND refreshing.

All you’ll need to participate:

  • Pen & paper for taking notes

Included in your registration:

Replay video, community discussion, private log in access to "Coloring for Self-Care" at ProjectGrief.Org, AND 3 printable coloring/activity pages to help you brainstorm ways that you can engage in self-care. Print and color these after our time together as a way to apply what you've learned.

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