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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Death of Place

Death of Place
Places can die, and yet we rarely mourn their loss. Join to explore and honor your unique relationships to places and their impact on your becoming.

The love and loss we can experience with the places we inhabit and intersect with throughout our lives has a profound impact on who we become. Honoring the ‘Death of Place’ is a powerful glimpse into our deeper connection to the people, built structures, and living earth elements that have formed who we’ve become and are in the process of becoming. This hybrid event will take place via Zoom through brief lecture, discussion, and guided reflection in the specific locations of each participant.

During this two hour workshop, we will first explore plural concepts and theories of human orientation to place. The virtual, holographic realms of place that we inhabit during the Covid pandemic are inviting us into an even richer conversation about the many place-assemblages that we occupy throughout our lives.

Following a discussion on the presented theories and definitions of place, we will explore our personal orientations and trajectories through place-assemblages during our lifetimes. Facilitated experiential exercises will surface our unique place-biographies that illuminate connections to place, culminating with each participant invited to create a unique expression of the ‘Death of Place’ (a eulogy, poem, visual, imagined funeral, hospicing process, etc) particular to each participant's place-experiences.


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