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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
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Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying: The Facts (Pt 2 of 2)

Hosted by Keeper

Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying: The Facts (Pt 2 of 2)
Join a Death Doula and an expert on legislative advocacy around end of life issues for an in-depth exploration into the practice of Medical Aid in Dying.

In part two of this two part series, Jill Schock of Death Doula LA, Corinne Carey of Compassion & Choices, and Mandy Benoualid of TalkDeath and Keeper, discuss the ins and outs of medical aid in dying.

These panelists will provide information about where the practice is legal, what laws in the United States allow, and the challenges faced by those who seek out this option. Attendees will also learn about what they can do if they want this option for themselves, and will be able to ask the experts their own questions during the session.

Hear the answers to tough questions and join us to demystify the practice of medical aid in dying as an option for terminally ill patients at life's inevitable end.

Mandy Benoualid: Mandy Benoualid is the co-founder and President of Keeper, a collaborative online memorial platform. Mandy is also the editor of the death positive media site,, interviews death professionals for the web series #TalkDeath, and regularly speaks at funeral and cemetery conferences.

Corinne Carey: Corinne Carey is a senior campaign director at Compassion & Choices. She led the campaign to successfully pass New Jersey’s Medical AId in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, and leads the campaign to pass a similar law in New York State. Corinne held prior advocacy positions with the New York Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch.She graduated summa cum laude and first in her class from SUNY Buffalo School of Law in 1998.

Jill Schock: Jill Schock is the owner of Death Doula L.A. and has been working with the dying since 2009. Jill believes in empowering her clients to step away from the negative stigma of death and embrace style and choice as end-of-life approaches. Jill has been working with the Medical Aid in Dying law since it was passed in 2015 by Governor Brown in California and has seen how peaceful transitions can be when the dying have the opportunity to take their death into their own hands.


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