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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Embrace Duality: Dance in the Turmoil of the Universal Story

Embrace Duality: Dance in the Turmoil of the Universal Story
These times presents us with great disparities. Grief & fear; rage & hope; a shift toward honor for each other and our planet? Dance; Share stories; find spacious acceptance with ease & connection.

Embrace Duality: Dance in the Turmoil of the Universal Story *InterPlay

The balanced life of Spirituality is reached when we can comfortably hold opposites.

Leo Booth

The English Language and western culture have us thinking in opposites; good/bad, big/small, life/death. In this workshop we will access the wisdom of our bodies to play with and reimagine our experiences of life, loss and love.

This time of the Covid19 pandemic and of the unmasking of a longer standing pandemic: racism, presents us with great disparities. Grief and fear; rage and hope. The pain of losing beloveds, and yet, perhaps witnessing a major shift toward honor and respect for each other and our planet?

We’ll explore moving with these disparities and transform what feel like opposing forces and feelings toward a more dynamic balance. Dance & sound to beautiful live music from Scotland with Mairi Campbell. Share your stories and find spacious acceptance with ease and connection.

InterPlay is an active, improvisational, creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body. Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, both dancing artistic ministers at the time, founded InterPlay 30 years ago. It has since grown into an international social movement, dedicated to enabling ease and balance in human relationships across cultures and between people of different generations and backgrounds. Practitioners & participants find that creatively playing with serious issues in community often gets us further than simply working on them.


Dr. Sheila K Collins PhD is a dancing social worker, grief advocate and author of Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and Rituals that Heal and an upcoming book, The Art of Grieving, She directs InterPlay Pittsburgh and the InterPlay-based improvisational performance company Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players.


Mairi Campbell is a musician and InterPlay leader based in Edinburgh Scotland. She brings viola and voice into the session.


C.C. King MA, is an InterPlay Leader and trainer, Boston coordinator and a memory play specialist, facilitating InterPlay groups, retreats and trainings for elders and adults.


Movement & Dance Ritual & Ceremony Workshop Storytelling
Wellness Spirituality

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