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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

From "grief victim" to GRIEF ARTIST

Hosted by Project Grief

From "grief victim" to GRIEF ARTIST
A “grief victim” is someone who’s had a loss happen to them - that’s where we all start, and it’s so hard! A “grief artist” learns to use that loss to make something beautiful out of their lives.

Project Grief works with the idea that anyone (not just professional artists) can learn to be a "grief artist". Grief artists are people who take the pain of life & transform it into tools and lessons that help them to continually discover a new identity, to love deeper, be more present, and to better work through difficulties as they come.

It all begins with a change in mindset from seeing yourself as a passive "victim" of grief, to approaching thoughts and feelings as a “grief artist”. You, yes you, can be a grief artist, too.

In this creative workshop, we’ll construct a paint palette to demonstrate the colors with which we are painting our lives. We’ll talk about the characteristics of a grief victim (who lives in only greys, blacks, and blue) and a grief artist (who lives out of the full color spectrum).

All you’ll need to participate:

- a white paper plate (or a piece of cardboard, card stock)

a piece of paper

a pen or pencil to write with

colorful implements of your choice (watercolor, acrylic, markers, crayons, etc.)


Visual Art Workshop

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