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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
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"Graceful Woman Warrior" Author talk + Q&A

"Graceful Woman Warrior" Author talk + Q&A
"I think I'm dying. I want you to tell people." Authors Laurie O'Neil and Marisa da Silva use storytelling, music, and dance to explore their niece/mother's deeply affecting life and death journey.

Four years to the day Terri Luanna da Silva died, her aunt, Laurie O'Neil, fulfilled her promise to Terri to publish her posthumous memoir, "Graceful Woman Warrior: A Story Of Mindfully Living In The Face Of Dying." Co-authored by Terri's now ten-year-old daughter, Marisa, Laurie and Marisa weave Terri's triumphant and tragic journey with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer together, creating a powerful tapestry of the journey between, through, and beyond life and death.

The authors have an extraordinary ability to be present with the painful feelings associated with loss and to dive deeply into the lessons contained in the suffering, inspiring readers to awaken to their own lives and live and love more fully, more fearlessly, more vividly, and more intently.

Celebrating Terri's mother, Jeanne Robinson's, 10th deathiversary on this day, their presentation includes a musical performance by Marisa, singing, "Don't You Ever Lose Me," a song she wrote for her mother, and will conclude with Jeanne's final transcendent dance performance on this earth.

Laurie and Marisa invite you to become part of their shared story of mindfully living and loving fully in the face of loss.

Laurie O'Neil is a social worker, speaker, and author who devoted her 40-year career to enlightening, empowering, and engaging others in the critical power of loving connection—to themselves, those they love, and their fellow human beings. Laurie embraces the titles, Love Hero and Artist of Humanity, bestowed upon her by her great-niece and dear friend, Dr. Christa Johnson. Specializing in grief and loss, Laurie gives voice to the transformative and healing power found within our shared loss stories.


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