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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Gratitude + Nature-Inspired Mother’s Day Family Celebration!

Gratitude + Nature-Inspired Mother’s Day Family Celebration!
Looking for fun, memorable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day online this year? We will guide you through a creative and inspiring way to give thanks to mom and feel even more connected as a family.

Embracing time with our families is one of the most valuable ways to live fully! Give and receive the gift of meaningful family connection this Mother’s Day with our 39 flavors of gratitude!

Our collection of nature-inspired drawings paired with intriguing prompts will give you new words and images for expressing your deepest appreciations for mom this year and help you fully embrace the wonder that love and connection can inspire.

We will guide you through a meaningful, thought-provoking experience to give voice to your gratitude and connect as a family through heartfelt conversations.

Through the joys and the hardships, we all stand taller when we are able to give and receive authentic displays of love and gratitude.

What to expect:

  • Heart opening and grounding exercises to help us relax and connect more openly.
  • Guided journaling time with prompts to draw out our appreciation for mom in new and insightful ways.
  • Private break-out sessions to share our gratitude for mom and connect meaningfully as a family.

Through these simple, engaging gratitude exercises, you will develop a new language and way of sharing gratitude as a family to continue to deepen your relationships!


  • Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome, including spouses and chosen family members.
  • All you need is a piece of paper and a writing utensil!
  • You will receive a registration confirmation as a representative of your family. Please forward the Zoom information to the other members of your family who will be participating.
  • We will be also following up with you by email in advance to receive a list of members in your group so we can match you into private breakout rooms during the event. Please respond to this email at your earliest convenience.

Suggested donation for this facilitated event is $15-$30 per person to help sustain our small, purpose-driven business during this time:

(note: this is separate from the optional donation to Reimagine on the registration page)

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