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Is Art a Portal Between Life And Afterlife?

Is Art a Portal Between Life And Afterlife?

Sunday, May 24

4:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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When artist Bravo Valenti was "visited" by a famous deceased 20th Century artist, he discovers that art is a portal between this life & the afterlife. Learn the message Bravo receives...and why.

Painter and photographer Bravo Valenti shares a series of metaphysical experiences over a 2 year period that unexpectedly led to a life-changing event in 2018, when deceased 20th Century artist Victor Vasarely- "The Father of Op Art"- begins communicating with him through one of his posters, hanging in Bravo's studio. Join Bravo as he documents his journey to becoming a medium and channeler, who unexpectedly learns that his own art is a direct portal to ancestral spirits. Find out why Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsburg, Yogananda, Krishnamurti and others have visited Bravo, and hear the important warning Vasarely asked Bravo to deliver to the world. Founder of Healing A.P.E. (Healing Artists Preserving Earth), an L.A. based non-profit artists' collective, Bravo Valenti has deeply explored how scribbling, light and sound can create new neural pathways that allow us to connect to other dimensions and frequencies. Because Bravo was not trying to learn how to channel- in fact, he did not even believe communication between the dimensions was possible- he has carefully traced the various steps that led to him having such a profound transformation, and shares the art, photographs and experiences that led to him becoming a full blown mystical channeler.


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