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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Motherless Mother's Day: Grief yoga workshop w/ACE Yoga LA

Motherless Mother's Day: Grief yoga workshop w/ACE Yoga LA
Join us for 2-hour grief yoga workshop with ACE Yoga LA -- I AM FREE: Honoring All Mothers' Virtual Workshop.

This event is part of the Motherless Mother's Day series. Motherless Mother's Day events are by donation and ALL funds generated will go directly to each individual event's host. You will receive a link to donate in a follow up email!

I AM FREE: Honoring All Mothers' Virtual Workshop.

This session will be all about free movement through yoga asanas, dance, and writing. Having recently discovered a deep love of dancing to help get unstuck my body since craves options to move in both a sequenced and unsequenced way. When we move without fear of judgement then we free up space for healing to take up in our mind, hearts, and soul. A meditation on grief and balancing the Heart Chakra will be held at the end.

I started this workshop as a means of healing my own grief, after losing my mama 18 years ago. I felt compelled to hold this space for others who have lost their mom, those who may have an interesting relationship with their mom, and/or are unable to see their mom on Mother's Day. This is a safe space and a workshop where all are welcomed.

Supplies: I invite you to bring an item to honor your mom or mom like figure(s). It can be a photo, her fav snack, or something that reminds you of her presence in your life.

If your mama has been a negative or absent energy in your life, bring something/an object that you would like to empower a change to that position in your. Along with this item, please bring a Journal + Pen; Mat, Towel, Water

About the host: Alicia “ACE” Easter is a yoga teacher, marketing maven, student of life, love, and grief. She lives by the Ram Dass quote, “we are all just walking each other home,” to approach people with tenderness, compassion, and lead with love, always.

As a reluctant member of the Motherless Daughters Club, ACE faced undeniable grief after her mom died. Which led her to a job moving all around the country every six weeks. She missed her mother deeply, who lost her life to pancreatic cancer when she was nineteen years old, but knew it was time to set herself free through yoga. Some days she battles with knowing her worth, we all do, but she is proud to be her mother’s daughter which fuels her soul. Her mother continues to be an incredible inspiration in her life and fully inspires her to this day.

She recognizes what an honor it is to guide students on their journey with grief through yoga, meditation, and a lot of love.


Movement & Dance Workshop

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