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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
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Motherless Mother's Day: Move/Restore with TGENBY

Motherless Mother's Day: Move/Restore with TGENBY
Move/Restore is a class focused on mobility and restoration that will work up a sweat!

This event is part of the Motherless Mother's Day series. All Motherless Mother's Day events are by donation and ALL funds generated will go directly to each individual event's host. You will receive a link to donate directly to your host in a follow-up email from the organizer.

Move/Restore is a class focused on mobility and restoration that will work up a sweat!

Incorporating a group of 3-5 multi joint standing, or ground based movements in a circuit, the goal is to move constantly. The steady pace of this low impact class is not fast, but neither is it slow. The focus for this edition of Move/Restore will be the hips, and it is appropriate for folks of varying fitness backgrounds and body types.

We will begin with five minutes of breathwork, bringing awareness to our breathing, and calming our body’s overstimulated stress response. We will then utilize standing joint mobility to activate the hips, release tension, and prepare for the movements to come. Once we are mobilized, we will warm up by doing a round of each movement in our workout, this will familiarize you with the movements and cues, before we apply the pacing and structure. Next, during the body of the workout, we will perform each exercise for 60 seconds, one after the other. Upon completion we will repeat, for the designated number of rounds, with little to no rest (if possible).

About the host: Elliot Musgrave (He/They) is a Trans-masculine certified personal trainer and fitness coach. He bases his practice at Everybody Los Angeles, the radically inclusive, holistic wellness facility in Northeast Los Angeles. Here he works with a diverse client base; utilizing unconventional training modalities to release and stabilize the body, while strengthening it. Elliot holds certifications from NASM (2015), Onnit Academy (2017), and Animal Flow (2018). In 2018 he founded TG/ENBY Project (, a fitness initiative seeking to make exercise accessible to the Trans/Nonbinary/GNC community. The worthiness and beauty of all human bodies is at the core of Elliot’s fitness philosophy, and it is from this base that Elliot strives to meet each individual where they are.

Outside of the fitness world, Elliot is a cheerful and optimistic person; despite his all black wardrobe. He is Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2019, the first out Trans person to compete for the title. Elliot is the parent of a human child, a fur baby, and many houseplants. He assists his insanely patient spouse as co-producer of Cruise LA.


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