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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Moving from Stress to Ease: Embodied Playful Practices

Hosted by Ginny Going

Moving from Stress to Ease: Embodied Playful Practices
Ready to shift from stress to ease? Come and experience powerful playful forms that enable this life-giving shift. Take away embodied tools you can use every day to access your own body wisdom.

Moving from Stress to Ease: Embodied Playful Practices

During this time of loss and disruption, we can transform our daily experience from anxiety, tension, and stress into grace and ease. In this workshop you'll experience powerful, accessible tools from InterPlay* that enable this life-giving shift. These tools are based on our birthright practices of movement, vocalizing, storytelling, and stillness. They connect us to the regenerative power of play. Through play, new neural pathways are formed that can reduce stress, heal trauma, and facilitate healthier patterns of interpersonal communication. As we explore the impact of non-judgmental, playful exploration on our autonomic nervous system, we will tap into the body’s knowledge and wisdom to promote well-being, clarity, and connection. You will leave with tools and practices to integrate this dynamic power of play into your life and communities.

*This is an InterPlay inspired event. InterPlay is a global movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play. It is being successfully applied in community organizations, health care, higher education, business, and populations at risk in over 50 cities around the world.


Movement & Dance Workshop Storytelling
Wellness Spirituality

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