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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
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NJ's Medical Aid in Dying Act: A One Year Reflection

NJ's Medical Aid in Dying Act: A One Year Reflection
The Medical Aid In Dying for the Terminally Ill Act went into effect in NJ 1 year ago. A doctor, nurse & woman living with a terminal illness join to discuss how the passage has changed their lives.

Last year, New Jersey became the 8th state to authorize medical aid-in-dying as an option for terminally ill adults. With one year on the books of this law being in effect, Amanda Cavanaugh, Campaign Manager for Compassion & Choices, will host a discussion between a doctor, nurse and woman living with a terminal illness about how the passage of this law has affected their lives professionally and personally. During this webinar attendees will hear a first-hand account of how this law has changed the way people in the Garden State are talking about death and dying.Additionally, attendees will learn the steps in accessing the law and hear about the tools that are available to help while navigating this end of life option. We hope you will join us to reflect on how this new law is improving end of life care in New Jersey.


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