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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Parenting when times are hard: Navigating a new reality

Hosted by The Widow Guide

Parenting when times are hard: Navigating a new reality
The kids are going through this too. Ensure they don’t get involved in risky or dangerous behaviors. Learn the things to do so your kids come to YOU when they are stressed, depressed or in trouble.

Parenting grieving children through the “Life Worth Living Process”

How do we listen, guide and help them through it?

What can you do to ensure your children have the right relationships and support around them to ensure they remain stable and healthy?

Michelle Hoffmann is a master coach in life and business. She is the two-time international best-selling author of Life Worth Living and New Manager’s Blueprint. An effervescent, entertaining motivational speaker.

Michelle empowers you with techniques that stabilize, provide security to adapt to change and empowers you with the wisdom to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

When Michelle’s late husband passed, she paused her professional writing and consulting for more personal coaching, including developing the San Francisco Grief Council. Clients appreciate and acknowledge that her hindsight gives them foresight.

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