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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Photos: Meaningful Strategies for Organizing & Digitizing

Hosted by Allison Gilbert

Photos: Meaningful Strategies for Organizing & Digitizing
How can we use this unexpected time at home to make the most of our family photographs? This event reveals the best strategies for transforming scrapbooks, photo albums, 35mm slides, and much more.

In difficult times like these, the best way to reclaim some much-needed power (especially when you’re missing a loved one who has died), is to take back what you can: Your immediate environment. Your home. Doing so will not only clear clutter, it will also boost your happiness and overall well-being.

In this session, author and grief expert Allison Gilbert will address three of the biggest questions she gets when speaking with people about Photos: Clearing Clutter and Staying Connected:

  • How can I organize all my photographs?
  • What are some creative things I can do right now with all my pictures?
  • Where do I turn to get help with my 35mm slides, film reels, and photo albums?

Note: When you purchase a ticket to the event on the Aligned Center website, you have the option of purchasing one, two, three or four courses ($39-99). Here's a list of the dates of the upcoming courses:

July 14th: Saying Goodbye: How to Organize Meaningful Virtual Memorials

July 21st: Grief & Anxiety: Best Ways to Survive & Thrive

July 28th: Family Photographs: Meaningful Strategies for Organizing & Digitizing

August 4th: Objects & Heirlooms: Clearing Clutter & Staying Connected


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