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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Rooted: Stories of Finding Home and Wholeness

Hosted by Roshni Kavate

Rooted: Stories of Finding Home and Wholeness
Cross Cultural Conversation exploring belonging, and being home in this world. What does it feel like and look like to thrive, to create community and find wellness in the current climate?

Join Podcast Host and Business Strategist Christine Job and Founder of Wellness Startup, Roshni Kavate as they host a raw and intimate conversation around what it means to grieve the loss of your home as a source of comfort and belonging. Christine and Roshni, both American citizens, live abroad in Barcelona. They will share stories, and invite people to share how we define home, what it means to find wellness and health, how people of color can create and find a sense of wellness in a world that is not always welcoming.

Christine is the host of the popular podcast, Flourish in the Foreign. Flourish In The Foreign elevates and affirms the stories of Black Women living abroad. Black women from across the globe share their gripping stories of resilience, their victorious tales of triumph and their hilarious adventures of everyday life abroad. She is also a Business Strategist that helps women get their product, service, or business from idea to launch. She helps women leverage their expertise & talents into viable & sustainable online businesses so that they can pursue their dreams of living abroad.

Roshni Kavate is Founder and Creative Director of Cardamom and Kavate. A wellness startup dedicated to reclaiming nourishing practices rooted in ancestral wisdom for collective liberation. She believes grief is a portal to wholeness. Through food, spirituality and art we can reconnect and be our wild selves.

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