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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Spark, Crackle & Pop: #The60DayReImagineProject

Spark, Crackle & Pop: #The60DayReImagineProject
Isolation has you in a creative rut? Don’t think of yourself as creative? Hobby-less & open? All great reasons to check out the project at our Creative Idea Exchange...(A From The Ground Up Gathering)

Welcome to #The60DayReimagineProject! 

What Is the 60-Day Reimagine Project? It’s an art challenge that encourages you to stick to 60 days of making. The goal is to show up day after day and surrender to the process; it’s not about the artifacts made, it’s all about the process.

Wanna play together? Here is how:

  1. Come to our Creative Idea Exchange on May 2nd
  2. Choose an idea, which you will commit to for the 60 days of Reimagine: Life Loss & Love, starting on Saturday, May 2nd and ending on Tuesday, June 30th 2020. *Note: If you don’t start on May 2nd, you can join in and catch up, The Goal is to finish together for our last Meeting on June 30.
  3. Create an Instagram account that is dedicated to this project OR post on an account you already have.
  4. Make a unique hashtag for your project so all 60 of your artworks can be viewed in one place. Remember to hashtag each post with your # and the community # (i.e. #60Daysof___ #The60DayReimagineProject).
  5. Follow FTGU on Instagram for Adrienne’s 60 day project and for announcements, updates, and highlights.

There will be 3 opportunities to gather for our Spark, Crackle and POP: #The60DayReimagineProject

  1. May 2nd
  2. May 30th
  3. June 30th

Come to all three sessions for the maximum benefit of our community.

During this gathering, we will: Share our Stories of Making, celebrate our wins and our setbacks & discuss the possibility of a virtual or in person exhibition for our communities.

This concept is based on the “The 100 Day Project” created by Michael Bierut, while he was at Yale School of Art leading a workshop called by the same name. The premise for the class was simple: each student chose one action to repeat every day for 100 days.

Elle Luna, a San Francisco-based artist, designer, and writer brought the project onto the Instagram zeitgeist in 2014.

Empowered by the accountability of doing the project alongside others in a very public way, artists from all over the world report the process causes healing, a boost in confidence, feeling alive in their passions and many say that the experience is a life changing event.

Hosted by Adrienne Mikulka, Founder of From The Ground Up: Gatherings for Healing Through The Arts.

Please consider making the suggested Donation ($5-$15) to the Artist:


Visual Art Workshop

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