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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Tending the Soul with Altars: Life Transitions and Ritual

Tending the Soul with Altars: Life Transitions and Ritual
You will have an opportunity to catalyze what you may be holding/wanting by creating altars and rituals. Be with and honor your emotions, changes, and intentions during this transformative time.
  • Please bring altar items/altars, candle, water bottle, paper/pen. They do not need to be spiritual or religious items: poem, book, art, clock, stone, wrench, whatever you’d like.

We will open the circle with a spiritual cleansing through a virtual sage smudge, conduct a Four Directions ritual where we will connect with the medicine (teachings and energy) from the East, South, West and North, and invoke our personal sacred resources of the Divine into the circle. We will connect with Earth, Air, Fire and Water to create a sacred space. A grounding meditation will prepare us to share what is meaningful to us. Participants will be asked to share an altar item(s), the meaning it provides, and the possibilities of how they may set an intention for building an altar.

Samples of various altars will be provided, along with how one may be in relationship with them through grief, social justice, connecting with departed, life transitions (birth, relationships,career, memorials, etc.) and celebrations. As well as connecting with one's own Spiritual/Contemplative/Value Based practices, and how they may be expressed through creating altars. We will have a group ritual where participants may name a deceased loved one, intention or prayer. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Reminder: Please bring altar items/altars, candle, water bottle, paper/pen
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  • I support Women, specializing in ages 40's-50's, into balance and fulfilment through spiritual and holistic exploration. Connecting to your true essence, becoming more self compassionate, empowered by your own wisdom and the wisdom beyond personality known by many names (Creator, Divine Feminine, Love, Justice, Science, Art, Meditation, Animal Spirits, Ascended Masters, etc)

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