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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

The Art of Altar Making to Honor Collective Grief

The Art of Altar Making to Honor Collective Grief
Join us for a morning of art making, and bring your treasures as we collectively craft our beautiful altars as a space for collective contemplation, celebration, grief, prayer and remembering.

Altars serve as powerful reminders of what we hold on to, what we are wishing for and what we are calling in. This is a powerful moment in time where so many of us are experiencing collective grief and loss. This is a hands on experience open to all ages to work with your hands, gather what is close to your heart, and use your imagination for this powerful ritual of making an Altar.

Join Artists and Palliative Care Nurses on this hands on workshop. We will be led by Theresa Cutler, a California based Visual Artist in a guided art project to create an anchoring image for our altars. We will use mixed materials in creating a collage using photos, papers, inks, and paints.

We will be then led by Roshni Kavate who will walk us through on the elements of an altar, we will decorate with heirloom fabrics, ceramics, found objects, natural materials, flowers and mementos.

We will finish by a guided meditation infusing this sacred space with collective intention and energies, and hold space for our collective grief.

Optional Supplies: Please bring any art supplies, photos, magazines, glue, scissors, paints, inks, paper, found objects, bowls, fabric, plants, flowers, incense, heirloom objects.

Roshni and Theresa are Palliative Care Nurses witnessing the profound experiences of people at end of life. They both draw from their work to make art and make meaning out of these contemplative experiences.

Theresa's art can be seen at She’s written and illustrated a book for anyone who has lost a loved one or is experiencing the dying process with a loved one. She is currently working on a second book, without words, that showcases the vast lengths a child’s imagination can reach.

Roshni's work resides at She's passionate about decolonizing wellness and activism through rest, nourishment, and rituals for grief.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop