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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

The Deathbed Meditation

The Deathbed Meditation
A guided meditation to see your life from the profound and clear perspective of being at the end of it.

Death draws out the truth of life. At the end of life, our trifles are stripped away -- concern with material wealth, worries about what others think, false notions of success, pressure to rush. We are left with the cream of our lives: what really matters, judgement-free reflection, and depth of the present moment.

During this guided meditation, participants imagine themselves at the end of life to gain profound perspective on what's truly important and how to live their most meaningful life.

It can be hard to find clarity in a chaotic world full of competing priorities and responsibilities. This 20-minute guided meditation, along with a primer talk and open-heart discussion, will allow you to step out of the rush of the world and into the will of your heart and soul.

This guided meditation is for novice and experienced meditators alike. This virtual event is best experienced in a quiet, distraction-free setting. Make it an experience! Light a candle, turn your phone off, and cozy up on with pillows and blankets or on your yoga mat.

Past participants report a more peaceful feeling towards the idea of death, less stress about everyday worries, and a clearer feeling of what's truly important in their life.

Open your heart to the beauty of being alive and live in alignment with your soul's meaning. Experience The Deathbed Meditation.

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