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Preparing Seniors for Advanced Medical Directives (長者醫療照護事前指示準備)

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Self-Help for the Elderly (安老自助處)

Many Chinese seniors are not aware of the Medical Advanced Directive forms when they are admitted into the hospitals. Many families are not aware they have to assist their parents/grandparents to complete the form. This workshop will educate the seniors about the form itself, and have an open discussion on the topics of health, healthcare options, and final decisions. (入院時,很多長者並不清楚有關醫療照護事前指示。而且,許多家人亦不知道他們必須協助他們的父母或祖父母完成表格。這工作坊將向長者介紹醫療照護事前指示。並就健康、照護選擇和最終決定等題目作一起討論)

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop