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Exploring Spirituality

Exploring Spirituality
Life is full of big questions! Exploring Spirituality is a unique opportunity for honest, authentic discussion about the big questions of life and death.

Spirituality is the search for wholeness, purpose, and meaning. During our Covid-19 era, our understanding of our place in the world may be shifting and changing due to the extraordinary levels of uncertainty we are facing.

Exploring Spirituality is open to people of any or no faith tradition who wish to explore questions of meaning and purpose. The only pre-requisite is an open mind and willingness to be respectful of other's beliefs. Exploring Spirituality is not an opportunity to proselytize, but a place of curiosity and inquiry. The workshop begins with a prompt and centering meditation.

Exploring Spirituality is for those who wish to delve deep into life's (and death's) big questions.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop

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