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One With The Sound

One With The Sound
Five young people, from some of the most poverty -stricken areas in a developing nation, have one thing in common, a driving desire not to give in to the unforgiving squalor they are born into.

Five young people each using creativity and individual talent to carve a swathe through the unrelenting, mind numbing destitution and lack of family structures for support, they realize, when their paths cross, that their individual lights might shine in the darkest room but it is a collection of lights fused together that will cut the brightest path in pitch darkness. Recognizing that their joint abilities will bring positive attention (and much needed help) to their communities, they use music, dance, dialogue and songs to tell a message of vast possibilities, redemption and hope, to their own peers.

This is a prerecorded 50 mins theater performance, followed by a live discussion and audience interaction with the actors, writer and director of the play.


Movement & Dance Film Talk, Panel, & Conversation Performance Storytelling