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Woo-Woo: A Space to Share our Mystical Experiences

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Woo-Woo: A Space to Share our Mystical Experiences
A safe space to share mystical experiences, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), dreams, visions, visitations from beyond, trippy experiences at the bedside, etc.

Anything that tends to be placed into the category of ‘woo-woo’ and typically dismissed by others is welcome!

I believe we need a safe space for exploring this part of life. In short, I have heard too many stories of others' ‘woo-woo’ experiences being shut down. With time, we may start to forget these moments, or shut them down within ourselves, the time has come to create a safe space to voice and remember them.

Important guidelines...

We will not:

Apply our beliefs to others, preach to any schools of thought, attempt to make sense of anyone else’s experience, discount another’s story, or give advice.

We will:

Support one another through listening, be encouraged to share (or pass), invite the potential to be in awe and mystery.

Please come prepared to succinctly share your experiences. You’re also welcome to pass and listen. The number of participants will be limited to 10 to allow time to hear from everyone.

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