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New York City
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A Ranger-Led Visit to the African Burial National Monument

This 90-minute visit to the African Burial Ground includes a film, a self-guided tour of the exhibits at the Visitor Center, and a memorial talk.

In the 1990s, the General Services Administration (GSA) was building government offices when human remains were found 25-30 feet underground. Who were these people and why were they buried here? This discovery led scientists, historians, and the public to study a long-forgotten chapter in New York’s history when enslaved Africans helped build New Amsterdam (the colony's name before it changed to New York.) African Burial Ground National Monument honors these Africans’ memory and contributions. Their spirit continues to guide visitors’ understanding of enslavement in New York City’s colonial history. Visit this free national park site and find out what this story means to you. The African Burial Ground National Monument Visitor Center is located on the first floor of the Ted Weiss Federal Building at 290 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. Please, arrive promptly at your scheduled program time in order to go through the airport-style security that all visitors must pass through in order to enter the Ted Weiss Federal Building. Notify the security personnel that your group is scheduled for a tour of the site.

Film Talk, Panel, & Conversation