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New York City
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An Inquiry into End-of-Life Experiences: Film Screening and Q&A

Hosted by

Leigh Davis & Harry Weil

This film illuminates occurrences that are rarely shared publicly but remain deeply meaningful to those who experience them. After the screening, Harry Weil, Green-Wood’s Manager of Programs, will join Davis in a discussion about her research and work.

Five years ago, artist Leigh Davis had a strange and profound experience at the deathbed of a family member. Since then, she has worked to create a body of work examining unusual phenomena reported to happen around the time of a death. They include premonitions, seeing a golden light, chills or an unexplained warmth, and sudden lucidity. Davis has recorded over 20 end-of-life experiences through interviews with hospice nurses, chaplains, social scientists, therapists and family members.

Film Talk, Panel, & Conversation