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New York City
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Ancestral Mask Making for Families

A fun family event for youth (10 and up) and their parents/grandparents to create art and reflect on those who have come before, celebrating their lives and exploring ancestral traditions.

Join us for an afternoon of family storytelling through mask making!

This workshop will offer:
*a safe and supportive environment
*a table for families to share photos and special mementos to honor past relatives
*supplies to design, create and paint a family ancestry mask to be taken home
*group discussion of death experiences of passed loved ones and family pets

Families will engage in creating a mask or masks with their adolescent that brings forth memories of their ancestors. Colorful, serious, whimsical, each mask will reflect traits passed on (physical or stylistic) by family from long ago and far away. Everyone is invited to make their own mask to embody what they might pass on to the next generation. Feel free to bring photos to honor family members and pets who have gone before us.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop NY Open Center