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New York City
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Ballroom Has Something To Say: About Death And Dying

Hosted by

Union Theological Seminary and Michael Roberson

Learn how the House | Ballroom communities freedom movement, spiritual formation responses to race, class, gender, sexuality, gender expression and death, impact the lives of Black Trans Womanists.

This intensive will explore the history of the House | Ballroom community as a Black Trans-Womanist theological discourse, a freedom movement, and its spiritual formation responses to race, class, sexuality, and gender oppression. It will further examine the community's ability to use the art of performance as a hermeneutics of the body and situate its history in mobilizing as a resistance to these oppressions, place it in conversation with other historical struggles, and illuminate the communities prophetic gift of truth-telling, it’s ethical gift of archiving suffering and allowing it to speak while being on intimate terms with death and annihilation through the trifecta of the philosophical, theological, and the political that have something to say to the world over - “what it means to be human, struggle for freedom, and reimagine death, and transmute it to power, healing, and life".

Talk, Panel, & Conversation