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New York City
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Body As a Temple of Memory: The Immortal Art of Tattooing

Hosted by

Presenza Amica - A Non Profit Organization

Our body imprisons remembrances and perpetrates them by tattoos, ever able to pass on our history through indelible signs that speak of death to the living and life to the buried.

The body represents a place and at the same time a means to preserve and transmit memories: it’s a living temple, adorned since 5.000 B. C. through an immortal ritual that reflects and together shapes our identity.

Come and experience an interesting and amusing evening at the Rising Dragon. Guests of different nationalities and cultures will outline - in an interactive and inclusive event - the symbolic meaning of Tattoo Art since the Age of Metals until today, retracing its link to the primordial fear of detachment and separation from the human realm, but even from something that was there before and now has gone.

Take the challenge of narrating what cannot be explained! We will chat, tell stories about life, paint together to reimagine ourselves and lift our sleeves to display each other’s tattoos, searching for empathy. Finding it.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art