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Bridging the Gap / Life Lessons from the Dying - Book Signing and Reading

Hosted by

Death by Design Podcast, Kimberly C. Paul, W83 Ministry Center

Live vicariously through Kimberly C. Paul as she shares personal stories and the life lessons she has learned while working with hospice patients over the last 18 years. Each chapter will inspire you to design your own life and death around what matters most.

Kimberly will be on the road in her 29-ft RV, traveling the country for the next three years on the Live Well / Die Well Tour. She desires to provide free community education on death and dying as well as share the life lessons she writes about so compellingly in Bridging the Gap. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet her while she is in the Big Apple. She is also the host of the Death by Design podcast.

Learn how Kimberly went from the hallways of Saturday Night Live to those of hospice. The lessons learned while working with the dying inspired her to cash it all in and implement what she learned at the bedside of the dying. In her book, Bridging the Gap, she shares these moments that awakened her to what really matters in life. Over the course of each story, Kimberly evolves into a person who embraces the view that we can all design a death that is transcendent, a death designed to open doors to amazing experiences that reflect our personal journey through life. When you take a fresh outlook on life in its past and present state, you can learn to face death with open arms. Lost life moments can be disheartening but facing those moments can help you live boldly as you embrace the journey that you have chosen with no regrets.

Kimberly is so passionate about the lessons learned at the bedside of the dying that she plans to take these stories to every state and city nationally on The Live Well / Die Well Tour.

Over the next three years, Kimberly will visit 49 continental states in America—including Alaska—and parts of Canada, and portions of Baja, Mexico. In each state, Kimberly will visit hospice organizations, churches, senior centers, medical schools, colleges, and any other agency interested in learning more about end-of-life planning. She will provide advance care planning workshops and author readings of her book “Bridging the Gap: Life Lessons from the Dying.”

Tonight, in the Big Apple, Kimberly will read portions of her book as she inspires those listening to live life more boldly!

NOTE: The event is $5.00 to attend; however, if you buy a book, $5 will be subtracted from that purchase.

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