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New York City
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Creating Life Around Loss: Cardmaking for Change

Come spend your Monday night creating handmade cards with Cards by De! We will be using and creating art as a tool of expression to move through loss and build community.

This workshop celebrates and acknowledges people through (and beyond) our life cycle and offers the opportunity to create cards that speak for us and how WE live and die. In addition to recognizing and honoring the full experiences we all share together (not just the typical or dominant cultural milestones), we will make space for the appreciations, remembrances, and sorrows that constitute the human experience.

We see cardmaking as a generative and healing process for authentic, integrated self-expression and collaborative connection. One in which the impact of how we use and share words and images can transform how we communicate with each other and with the world to create one that works for – and better reflects – all of us.

This workshop encourages us to navigate life and loss in a way that reflects our real and human and messy emotions (not all tidy flowers and inert platitudes).

(All are welcome; POC voices and the LGBTQ community will be centered.)

PLEASE NOTE: All materials will be provided. Food will be provided. Spanish speakers welcome /
traducción disponible. Childcare available.

Cards by De is Sade Swift's labor of love to the world.
Sade (also goes by De - pronounced day) is a queer afro Dominican freedom fighter and creative, who was born and raised in Washington Heights and resides in the Bronx. She creates handmade cards that bring love, joy, and creativity into the world. Creating art is an act of resistance for her and she believes that as a woman of color it is important to continue to create in a world that does everything in its power to stop her!

Julie has been searching for creative and collaborative ways to acknowledge and honor our individual and collective losses that feel and reflect their fullness and diversity. When her father passed away she received “sympathy” cards sanitized with white flowers and platitudes. It is a delight and privilege to collaborate with Sade Swift in developing a workshop that invites folks to be present in life and loss as authentically and expressively as they can. Julie is a life and leadership coach who inspires and supports people to show up in their personal and professional lives with full, radical presence. She offers insights, practices, and a brave space to facilitate transformative growth, deeper self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.


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