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New York City
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Dance Walk in Prospect Park

What is "Dance Walking"? In short, it's having a dance party in your living room, while walking through the park. Come hands-free, for maximum range of motion!

Bring iPod & earbuds--everybody listens to their own music as we dance walk around the park loop. What is "Dance Walking"? It's an improvised form of walking, with music, doing whatever movement comes naturally. It's walking and moving your arms. Or skipping, skitching, low-stepping, sideways running. Sometimes it's full-out crazy boogie down jamming. It's responding to the rhythm, attitude, or story of the music you're hearing.

This meet-up is for folks who are inspired to dance to music and enjoy being outside in friendly company. "Dance" encompasses a wide range of physical movement on the Dance Walk. Don't let that word throw you. Dance Walk is not a performance, and everyone is welcome. The point is to get your groove on in the company of a group buffer.

We meet @10am at the grassy triangle, 50 paces inside Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park (just shy of the park loop). We'll share names, cue up our tunes and usually take off by 10:05am. Done by 11:15am.

A word to the shy, self-conscious, and judgy: You will have the MOST fun of all. Once you're warm and hit a musical flow, the negative mental static falls away. Movement comes easily and music fuels the motion. Take it from a deeply self-conscious person, Dance Walk is a profoundly joyful liberation.


Movement & Dance