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New York City
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Don't be an @$$hole: Advanced Directives (Dead Time PART I)

Hosted by

Mori M. Mento

Come and enjoy some Dead Time at the Guild for Good with this 3-part participatory exploration of death.

Start by *not* being an @$$hole to your loved ones by workshopping your Advance Directive. Then, contemplate your final days and pen a letter from your future death bed with The Death Bed Letter workshop. Finally, commune with fellow humans as we express our mortality through a myriad of performance arts with our death-themed community open mic: The Closed Mic.

6-7pm || Part 1: "Don't be an @$$hole: Advanced Directives"
Don't be an @$$hole. Prepare your advanced directive NOW, while you're still alive and well. Otherwise, you risk leaving your closest loved ones with a hot mess of emotional trauma, you irresponsible piece of $#!T. Don't worry, Mori M. Mento is here to help you get your sorry act together.

Music & Sound Performance Workshop Writing & Literature