New York City

The Closing Mic: An Open Mic on Mortality (Dead Time PART III)

Hosted by

Mori M. Mento

Saturday, October 27


This event has ended.

Come and enjoy some Dead Time at the Guild for Good with this 3-part participatory exploration of death.

Start by *not* being an @$$hole to your loved ones by workshopping your Advance Directive. Then, contemplate your final days and pen a letter from your future death bed with The Death Bed Letter workshop. Finally, commune with fellow humans as we express our mortality through a myriad of performance arts with our death-themed community open mic: The Closed Mic.

9:30-11pm || Part 3: The Closed Mic
A special edition of the Prime Produce Community Open Mic, organized by Kurt Peloquin and Jerone Hsu. Join us for a special themed open mic to share art, poetry, prose, and music on the topic of mortality.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation Music & Sound Performance