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Death by Design Podcast Recording with Panel and Live Audience

Hosted by

Death by Design Podcast, Kimberly C. Paul, W83 Ministry Center

For the first time, host Kimberly C. Paul, will record the Death by Design podcast with a panel of experts, creatives, and caregivers in front of a LIVE audience.

Death by Design desires to empower the audience to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience as they direct the conversation towards how we can radically embrace the end of life and our own death. In celebration of NYC Reimagine 2018, W83 Ministry Center and Death by Design Podcast are collaborating to bring a panel of end-of-life experts, grief educators, artists, caregivers, and authors together in front a live audience for the first time. This amazing event will provide New Yorkers, attendees of the Reimagine End of Life Festival, as well as those deeply interested in learning how to live well and die well in a society that believes death is optional. Through this panel of experienced professional and artists, the audience will be able to ask questions and have open conversations about how each of us can reimagine end of life and live well until our last days.

The panel will include:

- Dr. Dawn Gross, San Francisco Palliative Care Physician

- Elizabeth Coplan, Playwright and Producer of Grief Dialogues

- MK Czerwiec, RN, MA & Artist

- Kimberly St. John, London Palliative Care Nurse

- Sue Kemple, My Last Soundtrack

- Allison Gilbert, author of numerous books including Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive

- Linda Campanella, Author & Caregiver

- Andrew McPherson, Principal at Healthsperien (a Washington, D.C.-based consulting and legal services firm with expertise in policy and legislative strategy with a special emphasis on those related to advanced illness and end-of-life care) and Senior Policy Advisor to the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC)

- Sarah Jansen, Founder of My Care Paths

And YOU… the audience!

Talk, Panel, & Conversation