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New York City
This event was part of New York City

Death Café Lower East Side: A free and open discussion about all things related to death and dying

Hosted by

Gigi Branch, Millet Israeli, Vicki Kurtz, Urte Reyes, Ursula Scherrer, Laura Shields

Drink tea, eat cake, and talk about death; it just might change your life (for the better)!

Death Cafe is a place to discuss death comfortably and openly and to wonder together about the mystery and meaning of life. Join us for this free-wheeling, self-facilitated conversation about death and dying, inevitably touching upon life and living.

This discussion will be hosted at Bluestockings - Bookstore, Activist Center, Fair Trade Cafe - in the Lower East Side. Snacks will be provided and as a thank you to Bluestockings participants are encouraged to enjoy a beverage from the Bluestockings Cafe.

Depending on the number of people participating, you will meet in groups of 5-8 and talk about whatever compels you around death and dying. It is asked that people participate with an open mind and spirit, respect all points of view, and speak and listen with no agenda, objective, or themes. The overall objective of Death Cafes is “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives”. We hope to see you there!