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Disparities and Discrimination in End of Life Care For People of Color

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Joseph Sacco, MD, Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW Ayana Woods, and The Art of Dying Institute An initiative of the New York Open Center

Why is it important to discuss race in relationship to end of life choices and end of life care? In this panel discussion, passionate professionals will share their stories and research, from the perspectives of the medical system, outreach, and education.

Joe Sacco, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Connecticut Hospice; Henry Fersko Weiss, LCSW, Executive Director of INELDA; and Ayana Woods, Director of Outreach, End of Life Choices New York come together to discuss the utilization of hospice and palliative care as being disproportionately limited due to structural issues in the health care system and lack of education about these services:

  • Historic discrimination and in some cases, disbelief in such care being available
  • Financial barriers
  • Perceived disproportionate quality of care, mistreatment, and exploitation
  • Cultural differences; Lack of understanding by health care workers in how culture impacts decision making, advanced directives, treatment decisions, etc.
  • Conscious & unconscious prejudice by healthcare workers
  • Disparities between the hospice philosophy and cultural values

Making a Positive Difference:

  • Better education of physicians & other healthcare workers
  • More research on breaking down the barriers to quality and culturally sensitive care
  • Greater integration and continuity of facility and in-home care
  • Better education in communities of color
  • More people of color hired in hospice and palliative care in all disciplines
  • Attention to culture and needs of people of color in programming and organization literature
  • Increased attention to social supports

Join us for what is sure to be an enlightening, engaging, and inspired conversation!

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