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New York City
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Exploring the Energetics of Death and Grief with Jeanne Denney

How can we understand more about how our psyche evolves in tandem with the body through death? Learn how to participate in this sacred time.

Death and grief are undoubtedly the biggest challenges to body and soul we will ever experience. These processes are physical, emotional and spiritual, and they are connected. But how? Can we understand more about how bodies and relationships change together through these great changes? Actually, we can.

Many spiritual traditions describe subtle energetic bodies which they say pulse through and around our physical body in life. In this workshop, we will explore how psyche and spirit evolve in tandem with the body through death. Jeanne Denney will offer a new map to the terrain of dying that helps us see it as essential to our vitality. We will consider whether thinking about energy helps us better understand dying, grieving and ordinary living. This work emerges from her experiences of many years at the bedside as a hospice worker, healer, and a somatic psychotherapist.

Jeanne Denney is a therapist, healer, teacher and death (and life) educator who maintains a private practice in Core Energetic Therapy, Somatic Psychology and Energetic Bodywork in West Nyack, NY, Saugerties, NY and New York City.

Her deepest commitment in life is teaching about patterns within health, transformation and human development derived from a wide lens and deep understanding of the human journey. From there she very much enjoys offering healing, therapy and hospice support in their myriad forms.