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New York City
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Funny as a Funeral

NYC's legendary improv comedy group uses audience suggestions to embark on a laugh quest from this world to the next world and back, with a few pit stops in between.

What's so funny about death? Find out as NYC's legendary improv comedy group and Plaza Jewish Memorial Chapel team up for this one-night-only evening of death-defining comedy and improv.

As Chicago City Limits founder George Todisco once said, “We’re all victims of the same cruel joke. It only hurts when you don’t laugh.” With that in mind, the CCL cast and audience will explore the challenges and rewards that life throws at us, and how laughter can help.

Ever notice how many people are dead? A lot. Now here’s your chance to meet some of them. There will be appearances by famous folks from the past, never-before-seen plays by some of history’s most revered playwrights, a completely made-up musical based on an audience member’s near-death experience, and much more! The CCL show gets its inspiration from audience suggestions. Bring your brain and join in the fun. Don’t worry. We won’t call you up to the stage, or make you lie down in a coffin (unless you really want to), but we will be asking you to help guide us through the great beyond and back. And if our show “kills”? No problem. You’re already at a funeral chapel!


Comedy Ritual & Ceremony Performance