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Grief Dialogues: The Play

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Grief Dialogues

Grief Dialogues is a riveting set of short plays & poems that dramatize and foster audience discussion of death and grief. Founder Elizabeth Coplan brings the filmed version to Reimagine. Kimberly C. Paul, Death by Design Podcaster, and Claudia Coenen, Author and Counselor, participate in the panel discussion.

Grief Dialogues, an artistic movement, uses theatre to start a new conversation about dying, death, and grief. Its play, Grief Dialogues, invites audiences to reconsider the rhetoric and stigma around death and grief, with the understanding that death is natural and transcends race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, and economics. Our vision is to create a compassionate, empathetic environment to share our own stories of death and grief. Our motto, Out of Grief Comes Art, emerges in our plays, films, music, visual art, poems and essays that we share with our audiences (live and online).

This filmed performance of Grief Dialogues: The Play represents the original script and includes six short plays by playwrights Daniel Guyton, Ron Frankel (deceased), Elizabeth Coplan, Donna Hoke, Barbara Blumenthal, Paul Atreides, and Mark Harvey Levine. The recording took place June 15, 2018 on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Film Talk, Panel, & Conversation