New York City

Since We All Die, Why Bother?

What are the things we're not allowed to talk about concerning death? Through theatre-based methodology, this workshop will guide participants to creatively explore this question through multiple perspectives.

Individually or collectively, (depending on their choice), participants will write a performance piece on death reimagined. Interested participants can present their piece on stage that evening at Coler Hospital Canteen alongside the panel discussion.

Fariso Jordan A millennial who is avidly invested in the condition of the world. An actress and playwright, her most prominent work, Georgia, is an Off-Broadway play exploring opposing perspectives on sexual consent, including the perspective of a young man. She is the founder and director of “Setting the Stage,” a theatre-based college-preparation program for high school students from underserved backgrounds. Fariso uses her zeal for the arts as a tool for social advocacy, serving as an advocate and educator to promote issues for women, girls, people of color, people with developmental disabilities, and people who are incarcerated.


Performance Workshop